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Custom bags promote your brand by giving it visibility; the more they are reused, the greater your publicity, as they provide more opportunities for your brand to be seen in circulation. Among the different types of shoppers, fabric shopping bags have the advantage that they can undoubtedly be reused much more than both plastic and paper bags. The latter are reused at most a couple of times before they are thrown away; on the contrary, it is estimated that fabric bags are reused between 50 and 100 times. This feature means that they are the ideal choice for advertising your brand to the fullest.
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Buying custom fabric bags has always had the disadvantage of high per-unit costs: because this type of shopper usually requires manual stitching to be produced, it comes with a rather high sales price. However, the search for technology that eliminates this problem has now enabled us to offer fabric shoppers made through a mechanised production process (welded, not sewn). The almost total elimination of manual labour in the production cycle allows us to offer prices that are up to 5 times lower than sewn bags.
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We should also note that our bags are totally custom-made, according to specific customer requirements. We do not limit the choice to a certain number of sizes, models or colours, but rather we give you the ability to create the type of shopper that meets your every need. Through a combination of 6 different models, over 100 sizes, more than 2000 fabric type and endless customizated possibilities, we can create a shopper that no one else can.
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Our production process is entirely arranged in Italy and this allows us to offer our customers many advantages:
• total supervision of each stage of set-up
• extreme attention to all details
• Italian design and style
• production and delivery very fast
• accurate pre and post sales services
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